Violet T. Martinez

Today we lost a legend. Our mother Vi, who could spell in numbers. She had a strong work ethic that made her excel in all things she did, from her favorite career as a telephone operator to her meticulously kept home that would have put Mr. Clean to shame. Our family jokingly called it the museum.

Vi started a family with her husband of 54 years Joe Martinez.  Their first-born daughter Curt & favorite son-in-law John Miller. In the middle, the twins Craig Martinez  & Paula (Al) Yousif. Then the youngest Melayna (Rick) Pokorny and her two cherished granddaughters, Lily and Tess Pokorny.

Vi was born August 2nd, 1935 in Libertyville IL. She always said she wanted to go on a rainy day, and as the storms rolled in on August 28th, 2022 she took her final earthly breath.

 Vi was many things but mostly fiercely loyal. A very fair person that made all sorts of lifelong friends due to those qualities and having a great sense of humor.

In the words of Violet herself….

                                  That’s All She Wrote!