Veteran Benefits

ALL US Veterans whom were honorably discharged and their spouse are entitled to certain benefits at the time of passing.

Veterans can save 44% on the cost of their funeral by selecting our Veterans In Honor Package over a traditional funeral.

Savings on cemetery expenses of up to $4,485.00

Every Veteran and their spouse are entitled to:

  • Burial plot and opening and closing charges at a National Cemetery
  • Outer Burial Container and installation
  • Grave marker or headstone with selected wording from the family
  • Brass medallion to be placed on a personal headstone or mausoleum​
  • ​Military honors performed by active personnel of the branch the veteran served with
  • A US Flag folded and presented to the family

There are additional benefits a veteran may be entitled to and are case by case dependent.                  

We would be privileged to review your situation to ensure you receive all the benefits you qualify for.